Niall and ex-colleague

About Me

Niall Murphy has a day job in Dublin, Ireland's tech industry.

Niall's first foray in photography started with the very first emergence of digital cameras in 1999, when he used it to take pictures of racks in datacenters. Roll on a few years, and his friends clubbed together to buy him the original Canon Digital Rebel in 2004, shortly after the birth of his first child. Gradually, photography wormed its way from an occasional professional necessity to a huge component of Niall's infrequent leisure time, and then to something akin to an obsession.

He started bringing his camera along on his frequent work trips, so his portfolio grew to contain images from all over the world, but particularly the USA, and particularly the west coast of the USA.

He started off with Canon and has remained so for his main, DSLR-related use cases (currently has an EOS RP for his main walk-about), but broadened his horizons to include a LUMIX hand-held for smaller trips, as well as various kinds of Sony RX previously. He uses a DJI Mavic Pro 2 for his drone shots.

His first exhibition, itself called Edge Cases, was in early 2018.

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